Workout smarter (not harder)

Raise your hand if you’ve ever been told that to lose weight, you need to do cardio? Whether it’s running, cycle classes, or the elliptical, it seems like everyone’s preaching that the only way to drop pounds is to slave away on some cardio machine for hours, to sweat at least a gallon each workout, and to be so sore that you can’t walk for 3 days. The truth is, if you want your workouts to be effective, you must work out smarter, not harder. More time does not equal more results. More sweat does not equal more pounds lost. More muscle soreness does not equal more pants sizes dropped. Working out smarter looks like this:

  • Instead of doing long workouts on a cardio machine, do shorter workouts working multiple muscle groups throughout the week.

  • Instead of trying to push yourself to 100% every workout, do workouts that vary in intensity and work different energy systems throughout the week.

  • Instead of pounding the cardio every day, combine strength and metabolic conditioning to develop both strength and cardiovascular health.

And when you combine all of these, you’ll see better results in less time than if you stuck with the endless cardio routine.

Programming effective workouts is simple, but not necessarily easy, which is why so many people give up trying to figure out what kind of exercises to do and end up just running on the treadmill.

At Applied Fitness, our coaches program 30-minute workouts that combine strength, cardio, and metabolic conditioning so that you burn calories throughout the day long after your workout ends.

It takes the guesswork out of trying to figure out the right exercises to do, the right number of reps to do, and the right weights to choose.

Workout smarter.. NOT harder

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