Trying To Lose Weight? What Is Better...Big "Box" Gym or a Boutique Studio?

As a fitness and fat loss professional for over 20 years this is the question I get all the time.

A typical question from a prospect or someone who is just trying to learn more about us will often ask " so what is better.. a big "box" gym or a private studio?"

Now don't get me wrong I am someone who has been in to health, fitness and wellness my whole life. I have been into literally hundreds of Gyms. I have worked at, consulted with and assisted in many gyms ranging from big "chain" gyms to smaller independently owned gyms and I love them all!

However, thats me. So regarding the "what is better" question...

My answer is ALWAYS the same.. It depends!

Now, I know that answer may surprise some of you BUT the answer really does depend. You see everybody is different. Every one has different likes, dislikes and tastes.

over crowded gym
Big "Box' Gym

For some, the Big Gym with lots of people and loud music and energy can feel motivating. For others its intimidating.

For some, the idea of being able to go workout whenever you want no matter what is liberating. For others they need the accountability and guidance.

As mentioned earlier gyms have their advantages. If your schedule is erratic and the ideal of setting (and keeping) an appointment is hard then a gym with unlimited hours may be better.

Most people feel that without an "appointment" or some form of accountability they would be lost (or worse do something that may hurt them).

private personal training studio
Private Training Studio

A lot of people have found that a big gym can seem more transactional than transformational. Meaning a gym simply gives you access to equipment whereas a studio is transformational in which it helps transform you.

On the flip side, having a workout buddy who can workout, motivate and push you each and every workout can be a huge plus. So a big gym may be better.

At the end of the day- the most important thing is consistency. Consistency compounds. So if losing weight, getting more fit, healthy

and active is your goal than find a program that you feel comfortable in. A program that you are surrounded by people who are like minded and are there to help encourage, motivate and inspire you.

If thats a big gym-great. If you decide you might like a smaller studio-great. Either way we are here to help assist and empower you to decide which is best for you. Decide on what works best for you. Commit to staying consistent and you will see success.

I hope that helps :)

Yours In Health,


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