📣 This Weeks Transformation Sharon Kriznuski! Congrats Sharon!

🤩Sharon has lost 26 lbs and is down 3 PANT SIZES! 🤩

More importantly she has regained her confidence and “no longer runs away when I see someone pulls out the camera”!📷

Sharon says Applied Fitness “is truly a judgement free, highly supportive gym.”🥰👏

Here is Sharon’s story…

✅Who you are and what you do? I have been married 33 years, the mother of 2 young adults 23 and 19. I work as an EA for a Health Outcomes Research Firm.

✅What your life was like before AF? Before AF I struggled with weight gain, taking care of my kids and being a caretaker for my mother first and then my father when they were ill, I stopped putting myself first. I tried the Y and many home exercise programs where I would lose 15 lbs an always wind up gaining it back. Always blamed this on my thyroid issues.

✅What challenges you faced and the results you've gotten since training with AF? Since joining AF I have been consistent with my workouts averaging 4-5 days per week. I can say it had truly been life changing!! I look forward to getting to the gym and miss it when I’m away. My biggest challenge is sliding back into old eating habits on occasion, something I am still trying to completely conquer. Thankfully I never fall to far off course because I do not want to undo all my hard work. But I won’t give up!

✅Overall, how has Applied Fitness helped you? AF had given me back my confidence. I have gained so many valuable friendships! One of my main accomplishments is I no longer run away when I see someone pull out the camera! I have also dropped 3 pants sizes and learned that I need to take care of myself first so that I am able to take care of my family.

✅What advice would you give to someone thinking about joining? Don’t overthink it, just do it and you will not regret it!! You will be so happy you took the leap!!! You will never find a place to work out with a better support system. Truly a judgement free place where everyone has the same goal to be comfortable in their own skin and to be the healthiest version of themselves. You will make great friends and have amazing trainers.

Huge Congratulations to Sharon! We love that you’re a part of our fitness family!🥳🎉

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