Tina's Transformation Journey


😲🙌💪Congrats! We love her story!❤️ "She is awesome… jump at any challenge I give her and excel everytime"

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✔️Who you are and what you do? Tina- I live in Lancaster, I Have been married for 28 years. I have two daughters Allie and Lindsay and two dogs. I work for Lockheed Martin for 6 years.

✔️What your life was like before Starting? Tina- Before joining I was up and down with my weight. I tried every diet imaginable. Lost weight gained it right back. Didn’t think I had to workout, I always thought diet alone was enough but it definitely is not. Once I hit 40 I had it in my head that this is what it’s supposed to be. Kinda gave up.

✔️Overall, how have you been helped? I have been helped in many ways. One it changed my mindset on working out. I hated it. It was more of a chore. Now it’s part of my live. It taught us that diet or exercise alone is not enough. They go hand in hand to have the success you are looking for. Helped us realize that we are stronger physically and mentally. We learned a lot about nutrition with this last challenge. Things that will help keep us going post challenge.

✔️What do you love about working out? We push each other to get there and also to push harder while we are there. We know each other’s strengths and if one of us pick up a lighter weight we push to go heavier or go stronger..

✔️What advice would you give to anyone thinking about joining? It is great having each other to workout with, to shop with, to cook and meal prep with but if we did not have each other we now have our Lean Body family. Everyone is there for different reasons but they all become part of our “framily”. It is not always easy but having the support group there helps motivate us to keep going.

Awesome story and thanks for sharing :)


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