This skill is like a superpower

There’s one thing that will make the difference for you when it comes to eating healthy meals, saving time, and staying on track for your goals.

It’s not super sexy, earth-shattering, or even complicated. But most of us forget to do it, even though it works almost every time!

It’s PLANNING AHEAD – and it’s so effective it should be a SUPERPOWER. This might seem basic but I’m sharing it because:

Most of my new clients tell me they “wing it” (i.e., don’t plan) when it comes to their meals. And a lot of times, that means they end up ordering takeout or eating processed foods.

We’ve all been there at one point or another, but a steady diet of takeout or processed food isn’t going to help you reach your goals.

Taking just 4-5 minutes to plan out your meals for the week – preferably before you head to the grocery store – will help you:

1 - reach your goals faster

2 - have a happier, healthier digestive system (bye-bye takeout bloat!)

3 - feel more energized

4 - sleep better

5 - save time by making fewer grocery trips

6 - save $$ by eating at home

Here’s how simple it can be:

Step 1 – Look in your cabinets/fridge/freezer for foods you want to use.

Step 2 – Grab a piece of paper and sketch out the week’s meals, planning ahead for leftovers for lunches. I usually start with planning my protein choices first..

* TIMESAVER TIP: Make a theme for some nights – Sunday can be “breakfast for dinner” night, Tuesday can be taco night, etc. This can help big-time with menu planning.

Step 3 – Make a shopping list for things you need, organized according to your grocery store layout.

Step 4 – Go shopping, alone if at all possible. This way you can get in and out fast! Don’t forget to eat something small (like an apple!) before you go so you don’t have any impulse buys.

Step 5 – Follow your plan!

Make this a weekly ritual, just before you hit the grocery store, and you will be pleasantly surprised at how much less stress you have during the week.

You’ll also feel SO much better! Ofcourse, proper nutrition is part of the total equation. Combined with a structured exercise program you will achieve amazing results. Wanna learn more? We have a few spots for a complimentary consultation. Click here to set up a goals assessment and see how we can help!

I hope this helps you keep your meals organized and on-track :-)


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