👉This is the NEW Vicky! 💪

This Weeks Success Story :

👉This is Vicky! 💪

Check her story out! 🔥She is strong and fierce even as the obstacles kept on coming, she did not give up!🔥#weloveourmembers

She came to realize there is .."no diet but a lifestyle that is far more successful!" Are you ready? Try us free for 2 weeks!

On To Vicky and her transformation journey..

"What a journey I've had here. Like many of you reading this, I never set out to be unhealthy, overweight, overall not a good version of me.

The 200 lb mark NEVER crossed my mind however, life happened. Kids happened, putting almost all focus on them. Marriage happened, allowing me to get comfy. School and work happened, allowing me to eat on the run. Slowly, I became last.

Finally, after stepping on the scale, there it was..200 +. I can't even tell you what the + was because I don't know, denial set in that the dial went that high.

It was then it hit me, I needed to do something. I saw the video of this group doing an obstacle race and all I could think is "I want to be that strong, I want to be able to do what they were doing".

But, I didn't know where to begin. It was almost fate that I found this place. I told them what I wanted to do and from that point on I became a priority!

Since being here, I have had a baby, I completed that race 3 times, I'm down over 50 lbs. And now I am a feeling and looking better than I ever have :)

Cheers for making me matter and showing me there is no diet but a lifestyle that is far more successful!!!"


Thanks Vicky!!

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