This index can predict your cravings

Since we’ve been talking about cravings this month … and one of the reasons we can have certain cravings is because of the foods we eat …

We need to talk about the glycemic index (GI) … because it can play a BIG role in your cravings!

We don’t generally pay a lot of attention to it – for example, the GI isn’t listed on food labels.

A lot of times, the foods we crave (hello, carbs!) fall high on the GI scale – and eating them can make us crave even more!

In a nutshell, the GI ranks foods on a scale of 1 to 100, based on how fast they cause your blood sugar levels to go up.

Foods with a high glycemic index (GI) make it go up faster, and those with a low GI raise it more slowly. ( Read HERE: 7 Ways To Crave Less Sugar )

This matters because when your blood sugar goes up and down quickly, you can get cravings – and feel tired, shaky and blah … not to mention HANGRY (hungry + angry) …

And even more importantly, it can have a MAJOR impact on your health and your waistline ... especially if it happens a lot.

Let’s dive in ...

On the glycemic scale, each food is ranked by how it affects your blood sugar when it’s eaten alone, on an empty stomach.

Here are some samples of foods with their GI numbers:

Baked russet potato – 111 (yes, over 100!)

White rice – 89

Sweet potatoes – 70

Banana – 62

Potato chips – 51

Green peas – 51

Apple – 39

Carrots – 35

Peanut M&MS – 33

Barley – 28

(There’s a longer list here: 

According to the Mayo Clinic, foods that have a GI score of:

  • 70 or more have a higher glycemic index

  • 56-69 have a medium glycemic index

  • 55 or less have a lower glycemic inde