🔥Many of us have been there before; you're on a hot streak with exercise, nutrition, and just overall motivation. Everything just seems to click. You're getting your workouts in, eating right, and everyone seems to notice your awesome results.

🔥But all of a sudden, the hot streak ends and you've lost motivation, focus, and your results. Your nutrition is back to where it was (or worse), you're not getting your workouts in, and those amazing changes you've made just turned out to be a fun thing to do at the time, and now everything seems to just suck.

🔥As a Trainer, it's tough for me to see this regression because I think of how great the person felt when they saw the results, and I think of how it negatively affects their mindset when they take a step back (or several steps back). As you can tell by my wording so far, I've seen it quite often.

🔥However it is my job to help you get back on track and regain your focus if this is your situation. This post is not meant for anyone specifically, but many reading this will undoubtedly find themselves in this category. If so, these five steps will help you.

1️⃣Assess your mindset.

Everything starts with a thought, as your thoughts dictate your actions. When you saw those incredible results, or when you were in your best shape, where was your mindset? What was driving you, pushing you, and motivating you? Are those thoughts still there or did the motivation change? This is something you have to really think about before trying to get back to where you were.

2️⃣ Understand Lifestyle vs. Quick Fix.

I've heard it plenty of times. "Mike, I have a vacation in a month and I need to get in shape." Listen, that's great and I'm not knocking it; I love the motivation, but what is your plan AFTER the vacation? Is this going to be a few weeks of forced nutrition and training, or something you'll continue on? I'm not saying you have to take our classes and training sessions at Applied Fitness forever (although that would be awesome), but I am saying you have to continue nutrition and exercise as a lifestyle, and you do have to train and eat right every day. After all, there will most likely (and hopefully) be more than one vacation in your life; why not be ready for all of them well in advance?

3️⃣ Focus on YOU, in this moment, at this point in time.

One of the worst traps we all fall into is comparing ourselves to not only others, but to ourselves from the past! You might have been in amazing shape at one point, and most likely you can get back there, but the best thing to do is focus on where you are NOW. Focus on your current situation and fitness level, and use that as your way of measuring your progress. When you keep seeing improvements, you will be exactly where you need to be in the moment.

4️⃣ Stop being lazy.

Yes, I said it. If I offend, just know that my goal is to help. I have to assume that there's a chance that you're not putting the sweat in at the gym, not sticking with good nutrition, and not being extra hard on yourself to stay motivated. If you are getting results, this probably won't bother you. But if not, then I hope this motivates you as it's my goal to light a fire in you and not discourage you. I'm here to help if you need me.

5️⃣ Get a "W"

Whatever that is today, get a small win. Get to the gym, have one clean meal, tape a motivational quote up on your wall, say no to something you usually don't say no to, but GET A WIN. You don't have to give into the same bad habits that keep you in the same place every day. Change the course for once, do something that shocks even yourself, and place yourself back on the right track.

🔥Follow these steps and regain your focus, your motivation, your results, and your fire. Don't get me wrong, you're going to have to work your butt off, but these five steps are the most important things to know before you start.

🔥I know you can do it. Go make it happen.

Yours In Health,


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