Outside Of Her Comfort Zone

💪Transformation Tuesday💪

👏 Giving a major shoutout to our Personal Training Client and Group Exercise Member Sharon Doherty Burke ! 👍

👉Sharon has worked with us for Personal Training Sessions and has become a regular in our Group Exercise Classes! 😱

🏋🏼‍♀️ Sharon has been admittedly pushing outside of her comfort zone, which is the key to success in everything. The results are reflective of this as she has noticed her own muscle and strength gain, along with seeing inches lost! 💥

🔥 We gave Sharon the guidance and a little motivation, but it's really her own 🔥 inside that brought about these results. Her health and fitness has improved, as has her confidence! 🔥

👊Keep up the great work Sharon and thank you for your inspiration and for being a part of our studio!


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