Love Starbucks? Read This :)

Did you ever notice that there is a direct correlation to the amount of belly fat that you store around your midsection, and how often you frequent your local Starbucks coffee house?

If you said "yes", then you're not alone.

Tons of my clients, (even myself in the past!) have all fell victim to the silent saboteur of hidden calories found in the liquid lard of some of Starbucks most popular beverages.

I have good news for you though...

Starbucks isn't all bad! (in fact, I love it!)

It's just best to avoid the following 5 blubbery Starbucks beverages if you're serious about your weight loss success.

Once you see there calorie count, you'll see *EXACTLY* what I'm talking about.


5 Deadly Starbucks Drinks


*Deadly Drink #1: Double Chocolate Chip Frappuccino – 800 calories

*Deadly Drink #2: White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino – 760 calories

*Deadly Drink #3: Iced Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha – 700 calories

*Deadly Drink #4: Green Tea Frappuccino - 650 calories

*Deadly Drink #5: Java Chip Frappuccino – 600 calories

Whew! That's a whole bunch of calories to drink... :-/

I want you to know that neither Starbucks, or I want to leave you hanging if you're serious about your fat loss success, so I am also hooking you up with 5 healthy low calorie substitutes that you can mix and match to help you get the most of your Starbucks experience while still continuing to lose weight.


5 Healthy Low Calorie Starbucks Substitutes 


*Healthy Substitute #1 "Spice not Sprinkles": When you see a drink that has sprinkles, kindly ask your favorite barista to substitute "spices" for "sprinkles" and you'll get yourself a cool treat with less calories.

*Healthy Substitute #2 "Add extra ice": If you're ordering an iced drink, ask for extra ice and you'll get a drink that is less milky, and that will keep you from drinking excess liquid calories that will keep you farther from your fat loss goals.

*Healthy Substitute #3 "More foam please": If you're ordering a drink that contains foam, make sure to kindly ask your barista to make it "extra foamy" please. The more foam you have in your drink, the more space it will take up in your drink which will allow you to decrease the amount of milk and calories you consume in your favorite Starbucks beverage.

*Healthy Substitute #4 "Non-fat milk": If you're ordering a coffee drink that contains milk, and you would like to save yourself the calories, be sure to request "non-fat" milk. Your barista will gladly oblige, and you'll stay on track for your fat loss goals.

*Healthy Substitute #5 "Size matters": If you usually order a "Trenta", downsize to a "Venti", if you order a "Venti" downsize to a "Grande" and if you order a "Grande" downsize to a "Tall". The size of your drink determines the liquid calories that you will consume, so be sure to make an effort to drink less liquid calories instead of more if you plan on living the "Starbucks Lifestyle". :-)

Congratulations! You now know the types of beverages at Starbucks that can hurt you as well as some quick and easy alternatives to keep you focused on your fat loss goals.

If you're serious about losing weight, you'll incorporate these quick and easy tips into your lifestyle, but no one can make that decision but you so remember to think before you sip next time you're at Starbucks!

Yours In Health,


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