Lets Get Down and Dirty Tabata Style

Give this whole body fat burn a try! You will love the mix of 20 second work followed by 10 sec rest!

Give it a try!!

【【 Lets Get Down and Dirty Tabata Style 】】

🔥Warm Up- 10 Minutes

20 Seconds Work/ 10 Seconds Rest

Pushups- 20 Seconds ⩥Rest 10 Seconds Dips- 20 Seconds ⩥Rest 10 Seconds Planks- 20Seconds ⩥Rest 10 Seconds Shoulder Taps-20 Seconds ⩥Rest 10 Seconds Mountain Climbers)-20 Seconds ⩥Rest 10 Seconds ❯❯❯❯ Repeat 8 times

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