I wanted something different.

"I was never hungry, irritated or HANGRY"

Every time I have ever tried to start to lose weight or get fit I would always be HANGRY! I would get so frustrated, discouraged and overwhelmed that I would quit.

I kew I needed something. I knew I needed to change. I knew that if I didn't change then it would only get worse.

My problem was every time I tried I always failed. I was alway hungry and cranky. I hated it. I thought about all my options until one day I decided to try a smaller place.

I did the Gym thing. I tried boot camps.. non of that was for me. I wanted something different.

When I say different- I mean different. It wasn't that the equipment was that much different. Or the exercises were different. It was the "place" was different. The culture. The positive vibe I ALWAYS received when I was there. The service. The attention to detail. All of it was totally different and was exactly what I needed.

Thanks Donna. Being different is a good thing. I think :)

Yours In Health,


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