I’ll get in shape when life is normal again

Do you suffer from health procrastination?

Are you constantly telling yourself that you’ll get healthy and fit when life gets back to normal, or when the weather warms up, or when your work schedule changes?

You’re not alone… especially NOW.

The problem is, once these things finally come, there’s a whole new set of reasons to put off getting in shape until later.

Let’s be real: who knows how long it will be before life returns to “normal,” and when it does, it will be an entirely NEW normal!

So WHY keep putting off taking care of yourself until later when no one even knows when that will be?!

Take advantage of NOW. Do what you can NOW. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it’s better than doing nothing!

Where To Start:

OK, so now that I have convinced you into making the big leap and starting to use this time to make yourself more fit, healthy and active the questions is where to begin?

This can be a challenge. In THIS article I go in-depth regarding your diet and nutritional plan. So I won't say too much. Just now that what you put in your body has huge response to your waist line.

Next, is exercise. "How much, how often and what kind"- these are the questions I get asked Mose frequently. In THIS article I discuss the importance of a systematic routine that trains, tones and trims the body in an effective way. I outline 13 reasons exercise is vital.

Next Steps:

Its action time! Its time to just start to schedule exercise like would do any other appointment.

Meal plan and prep to make sure your diet is on point and most importantly remember that when you have a set back (and you will have a set back. We ALL do) that this is a journey NOT a race.

The 80-20 rule applies. Try and be spot on 80% of the time and you will see success. The other 20% will be ok.

Yours In Health,


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