How To Fix a Broken Habit

Not enough people are talking about this, but it’s CRUCIAL for anyone who is trying to get healthy, lose weight, or keep any sort of New Year’s resolution…

See, the holidays are when a lot of people’s good habits get broken, which ironically makes it even tougher for them to successfully pursue their goals in the New Year.

BUT, like we always say around here, CONSISTENCY IS KEY!

And the good news is, just because you broke a good habit, it doesn’t mean that habit is broken forever. There’s a process you can use to fix a good habit and get back on track.

So, here’s the process to FIX a good habit once it’s broken:

Step 1: Forgive yourself.

THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT STEP! Don’t skip it just because it sounds “feel good.” If you skip it, none of the other steps will work.

In fact, I recommend you write a journal entry to forgive yourself or even make a voice memo on your phone.

Here’s why: shame is the ultimate progress wrecker, so if you ever feel ashamed about breaking your habit in the first place, re-read or listen to your message of self-forgiveness.

Step 2: Review your process.

Before your old habit was broken, what was your process for sticking with it? What did you do to remind yourself? How did you track your progress?

Now is the perfect time to review that process and make it stronger, since now you can rebuild it from the ground up.

Step 3: Commit to 30 days.

As you restart your good habit, commit yourself to a short time span that you can easily achieve, rather than trying to re-commit to a whole lifetime.

Just like when you start a brand new habit, setting a short-term goal for a returning habit helps take away the emotional pressure and guarantee that you’ll start building momentum again.

There’s the process! If you need any more help restarting a good habit, just reply to this BLOG and let me know.

Yours In Health,


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