how to be more consistent 🗝

When people join our program, we ask them a question…"What is your biggest struggle when it comes to weight loss?”

75% of the time the answer is CONSISTENCY. 🗝

I hear👂it again and again...

"I just need to be MORE consistent!"

When people try to lose weight, we OFTEN see them trying really hard… 🥵

…at being consistent with the WRONG stuff. 😬

👉They try being consistent with eliminating carbs.

👉They try being consistent with eliminating meals (but call it intermittent fasting).

👉They try being consistent with eating very few calories.

👉They try being consistent with doing cardio or walking every day.

.... And when they fail at being consistent, they think "I just need to be MORE consistent".

Sound familiar?🤨

You might THINK you have a consistency problem.

In reality you’re simply trying to be consistent with the wrong stuff.

Let’s start focusing on the stuff that matters.

🧐 What if you were consistent with exercising 3x per week?

And drinking enough water💧?

And eating enough food 🥗 to support a healthy metabolism?

And getting enough sleep 😴?

And eating based around YOUR schedule ⏰?

And doing activities that you enjoy 🤸‍♀️as exercise?

And recovering properly🧘‍♀️from your exercise?

Sound boring?

It is.

That’s why people avoid it.

It seems too boring and simple to work.

We think it needs to be harder or more complicated.🙅‍♀️

Yet the individuals who embrace it are the ones who are the MOST successful.

They are the MOST consistent with the simple things that matter MOST.

Shift your focus to the right things and you will see results come quickly. 🏆

Ready for a consistent plan that simple to follow, catered for you and designed to give you maximum results in half the time? Schedule your complimentary session HERE

Yours In Health,


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