Healthy Eating In Williamsville (Restaurant Guide)

I get it, you wanna eat healthy, stick to your diet AND still go out and enjoy yourself. Hey, Im human too and always enjoy going out for a meal with friends. There is nothing better than some food, drink and plenty of laughs with friends and family.

I mean who doesn't enjoy dining out and not having to worry about cooking, cleaning the dishes or working about anything.

As a resident of Williamsville we have so many awesome restaurants to choose from. Heck, in the Village alone there are over a dozen places to visit.

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Eating Healthy While Dining Out Is Easier Than You Think!

In this post I will give some healthy, nutritious AND tasty meal options to choose from. This list is brief and I couldn't cover all the local restaurants but I choose a few of my favs. I have included healthy "selections" that could help in making sticking to your diet even easier

So here goes:

  • Creek View

The Creekview offers a number of healthy salads and a veteran tasting plate that can include cottage cheese or if you prefer tuna!

  • The Irishman

The Irishman does have a almond chicken berry salad for a healthy favorite, they also offer turkey and veggie burgers and their portabella mushroom wrap and veggie shepherds pie!

  • The Eagle House

They offer many salads with freshest ingredients and options of having fresh salmon or grilled chicken as a protein added, They also have a grilled chicken & fresh veggies as a healthy dish along with fresh baked salmon and veggies

  • Glen Park Tavern:

Everything is made from scratch and customize. Nothing is pre-made.

All their lettuce, radishes are from Seabert Farms ( part of the farmer's market). Grilled chicken and salmon salad are healthy options and they always serve their dressing on the side.

  • Share Kitchen and Bar Room

An array of healthy salads to choose from. One of my favorites is The Apple Walnut Salad. Which consists of Granny Smith Apples, Candied Walnuts, Dried Cranberries, Gorgonzola, Spinach, Vinaigrette Dressing.

  • D'Avolio

Their selection of fresh greens, seasonal fruits and other healthy options make it easy to grab a quick meal. TOFU, chicken or fish are all options for a protein rich meal.

There you go! Just a few of the many awesome restaurants we are lucky to have in the Village.

Who says you can't go out, have fun with friends, enjoy an amazing meal AND stick to your eating plan!

Now, lets go eat!

Yours In Health,


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