Getting stressed about the small things lately?

Some days it all just feels like too much, right?

Like the stress is just burying you. 

❌ Dealing with changes at work or no work. 

❌ Unable to visit in person with friends and family. 

❌ Attempting to home school the kids. 

❌ Exercise routine upended

I get it and it is stressful.

But, I also want you to make sure you know one of the best ways to address stress. 

✔️ Exercise. 

buffalo personal trainer helps client lose weight and reduce stress
Working Out Will Help You Lose Weight and Reduce Stress

Addressing stress through exercise doesn't mean you have to sprint down the street as fast as you can, do a hardcore workout with slam balls, or even throw heavy weights around. It can just be about moving your body and changing your mood or better psychological state!

Here’s a quick Action Plan to help you: 

  1. Stressed? If you're feeling stressed, move yourself PHYSICALLY out of your environment. Don’t sit there watching the news or staring at your devices. Go for a walk, get outside, listen to music, write in your journal, workout, or meditate. 

  2. Clear Your Mind. With all of the chaos, disorder and uncertainty, more than ever you need to be still, clear your mind, and think for YOURSELF. Meditate, pray, breathe, do whatever works for you, but spend some time in silence daily in silence and breathe. It could even be just sitting there, or visualization techniques. (minimum of 5 minutes).

  3. WORKOUT. At LEAST 3-5 times a week. Enough said! If you need some help with your workouts checkout our Youtube Channel full of FREE workouts and useful advice

There you have it. a 3 step action plan to help you deal with the stress and uncertainty of what is happening.

Ofcourse the only other thing I would add is following a healthy eating plan. What you put into your body can help keep your mood and energy levels even and consistent.

Here is a healthy eating blue print to help you lose weight and get fit.

Stay strong, Stay Active and Stay #unstoppable

Yours In Health,


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