From Depressed to Unstoppable

“I started this fitness program because after taking a year off of intense training, I gained 30 pounds and lost all of my self esteem as a result.”

“Over the past year, I struggled to gain back control of nutrition and workout routines at my commercial gym, but failed at finding the motivation and drive I needed to succeed.”

“I was physically and mentally drained and started feeling like perhaps maybe there was something medically wrong with me. After several visits to various doctors, a diagnosis was made. I was told I was depressed. Made complete sense because all my test results were normal. My depression was brought on by disappointment, failure and abandoning my passion for fitness. Doctor said the only medication I needed was self love and to get back to the gym. Only then did I realize that it was my mindset that was setting me back and nothing else. I knew that once I got mind back on track, the body will follow"

And it Did! Way to go Vanessa 😉

~ Brian

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