Ever fall for this bad diet advice?

There’s a lot of BAD advice out there when it comes to weight loss.

The worst part is, the bad advice can be hard to spot because it’s usually disguised as the “secret” to weight loss, OR it’s coming from someone with a large following and a chiseled body.

Maybe you may have fallen for some of the bad diet advice, but now you know better. But maybe you still have friends falling for it and you desperately wish you could save them.

How do you know how to spot bad diet advice? Here’s a few hints:

- Demonizing a specific food or food group.

Whether it’s carbs, fats, sugar, or fruits, bad diet advice usually involves making you believe that you need to cut out certain foods completely to lose weight.

- Overly restricting calories or portion sizes

If a person is trying to tell you that you should basically starve to lose weight, RUN in the opposite direction. For long-lasting weight loss, you should actually feel comfortable and satisfied, not hungry and deprived.

- A one-size-fits-all approach

Have you ever been told you need to eat 1200 calories to lose weight? That is BAD advice. For some (very few) people, 1200 calories MIGHT be a proper goal, but the only way to know is through a calculation that takes into consideration your age, goals, activity level, and more.

Good diet advice includes the OPPOSITE of all these as well as a more individualized approach to nutrition.

You don’t have to cut out foods, starve, or be miserable to look and feel great. That’s why our Lean Body Formula is built on sustainability, which means you can still enjoy your favorite foods and avoid feeling deprived while you lose weight and keep it off for good.

It’s full of GOOD diet advice that will actually work so that you don’t have to be miserable trying to reach your goals.

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