Do NOT have this for Thanksgiving! (warning)

I know the conventional and popular thing to say is to fill up on protein and veggies before diving head first into the gravy, stuffing, calorie rich sides, and all the desserts. 

But, I'm taking a different approach. 

The one thing you need to steer clear of this Thanksgiving and absolutely do NOT have on your plate, because it can cause the most damage to your health is: guilt, regret, and shame. 

Listen, it's ONE day and this your permission to enjoy yourself. 

Nobody got six-pac abs by eating salad for one day and nobody is going to gain a ton of extra weight by eating and drinking too much on Thanksgiving. 

Enjoy the time with your friends and family and go a little nuts if you want to.

Don't feel guilt, shame, or regret for doing so.  

Be Thankful you even HAVE the opportunity to eat that much, when many others don't. 

But, then on Friday. 

Or, Saturday at the latest. 

Let's get back to work. 

Plan your workout RIGHT now for Friday and/or Saturday. 

Not to punish yourself, but to start a new streak of exercise. 

Always here to help!

Best, Brian

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