Cyndi and Her Journey

👀Take a peak everyone at this week's TUESDAY TRANSFORMATION! This is Cyndi and her journey at Applied Fitness has brought her ⬇️ 10% body fat and dropping over 6 pant sizes!🙌

💪She is “stronger, happier, fitter, more confident.” Thanks to her willpower and support of her fit fam. #weloveourmembers Here’s her journey 👇

“🍂In September of 2017, I was weighing in at almost 200 lbs.😕 I’m 5’2. I felt awful, and I was tired of feeling that way. After a bit of research, I decided to change my eating habits.🍎

After 9 months of healthy eating, I’d dropped almost 30 lbs and was feeling pretty awesome!😄 It was then that I decided it was time to start working out again.🤸‍

😬I had not set foot into any kind of gym for almost 13 years. I saw AF on face book, and thought, hmmm, that sounds fun.😃

💻I stalked the FB page for a little bit, and then finally decided to go for it and sign up. It would be another month before I walked in those front doors for the first time.🗓Partly due to fear, and procrastination. There was also the sudden illness and death of my Mother-In-Law.😔

📱After a lot of texting back and forth, I finally committed to going in on a certain day that week, only to realize I didn’t own a pair of sneakers.👟 So I bought some that day and showed up on the next one.

😁I was feeling pretty good about myself and my weight loss. I wanted to focus on building strength and muscle.💪 I spent the next year doing that. I gained a little weight though, a lot of it muscle!👊

🤩I went from barely managing to do sessions 3 days a week, to 4 and then 5, and now 6! I managed to drop a pants size👖 in that year, even though the scale wasn’t moving a whole lot.🎉

💫By September 2019, I was faster and stronger. I could run 3 laps around the track after class and still do burpees or whatever crazy thing we all decided to do after class.🏃‍

🎯I was super focused and determined. Between that and all the support I received, I lost 21.6lbs and 7.5% body fat in 10 weeks!😁 I went from a size 12 pants to a size 6. I amazed everyone including myself!🤜🤛

✔I’ve continued with the same plan, although my focus slipped a little over the holidays.🎄 Though, I’ve learned that when that happens how to redirect and get back on track.🛣

💃Since then, I’ve lost an additional 4 lbs since then and another 2.5% body fat. I am also 9 lbs away from my goal of 135 lbs. Though, that may change a little.🥇

🙌I am thankful everyday that I stepped foot into this amazing gym. I walked into the unknown, to a room full of strangers. 1 ½ years later, I am stronger, happier, fitter, more confident.😉

🤝I have this huge family who encourages and supports me, cheers me along, and holds me accountable when I mess up.👏Joining AFwas the best thing I did for myself!🌟”

-Cyndi M.

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