Bruce Lee's NYE Resolution

Everybody has all kinds of resolutions for 2020 and all these new things they will be doing to get there. 

However, as Bruce Lee says- it's not adding more but reducing that is actually more effective. 

So, here are 5 things you should NOT do anymore now that we're in a new decade.  👉 Super Low Calorie Diets. Choose a plan that is sustainable all year long, isn't a quick fix, and won't make you hangry. (Hungry + angry = hangry) (Need to know how many calories to eat to lose weight but not be hungry? Ask me!)

👉 Diets With Names. Don't get sucked into the newest fad diet or celebrity endorsement. Eat healthy food and be mindful of overall calories. This is called life or healthy eating. 

👉 Completely Cutting Out 1 Food (Group) Remember it's not sugar, or fat, or carbs, or milk, or chips that's the problem. It's the total amount your consuming. If you enjoy bread, or cheese, or wine, or cookies and want to have some here and there, do it. Depriving yourself 100% usually leads to binging later on. 

👉 Feeling Guilty About Food The more you feel guilty or shameful for eating certain foods or eating in excess the more negative of an association with food develops and a wicked spiral begins. You're never more than one food choice away from being back on track. Don't feel guilty- it won't help. Just get back on track.

👉 Not Holding Yourself To A High Standard Draw a line in the sand and simply don't expect anything less from yourself than your desired goal. You get what you tolerate in life - so don't except the same excuses from yourself in 2020 that you did last year.

Bam! There ya have it. Have a great day!


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