🤔Tell us your story! How did you find us?

I heard about Applied Fitness through a couple of friends who raved about the personal training.

🤔What was your life like before joining Applied Fitness?

Before AF, it didn't take much to tire me out by the end of the day and I always spent a lot of evenings not doing much because of my low energy and low motivation.Now I not only have energy/motivation during the day after my morning workouts but my it continues into the evenings as well so that I can still get things done and even go for another evening workout.

🤔What were you most skeptical about before joining Applied Fitness?

I was a little skeptical about sticking with it because in the past I usually got bored and felt unchallenged at the gyms that I had memberships at. I was pleasantly surprised at how much fun the sessions were and I have yet to be bored 15 months later.

🤔What was your first day like?

I remember being nervous on my first day, not knowing what to expect and not knowing anyone. That feeling of nervousness went away by the end of my first 30-minute class because I could see how welcoming the whole Community was. The other members and the coaches created a very inviting and fun atmosphere!

🤔What specific results have you achieved?

I have dropped fat, lost inches and definitely increased my muscle tone. I have gone from a size 16-18 down to a size 10 - 12.

🤔What would tell to someone thinking about Joining Applied Fitness?

Don't let your hesitation / fear stop you from trying it out because there are many members (including myself) that have felt this way when they first started. Once you do the first workout, you will be hooked!!

Way To Go Barb!

Make This YOUR Moment,


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