Are you ready for the next level?

You are at the starting line of a brand new decade. The air is charged with possibility. Opportunity is all around you…

This decade will inevitably pass quickly. In a flash, it will be gone, and you will be 10 years older than you are today. Other than 10 more trips around the sun, what do you want to claim at the end of this decade?

It’s time for you to stick your neck out and to go to the next level. You know exactly what that means, you’ve thought about it. You feel the uncomfortable pinch of your status quo. You ready for the next level.

Follow these 4 steps right up to the next level…

#1 Paint the Picture. First, figure out what the next level looks like.

What is the ONE THING that you are the most uncomfortable with in your life right now? What MUST improve? If you achieved WHAT then 2020 would be a success?

It popped up in your mind just a moment ago, and you brushed it aside. Not THAT dream, that’s too unrealistic. Right? That’s TOO BIG to achieve.

Now you’re on to something. This idea that’s floating around in your mind, that’s the one. You know it’s the one, that’s why you’re so afraid of it. Instead of brushing it aside, go with it.

Dedicate a full hour focusing on what the next level looks like for you.

Make sure that you are free of distractions so that you give this brainstorm your full attention. Get very detailed. Imagine that you are a painter creating the image of your next level in your mind. The more details that you can put on the canvas, the better.

Don’t hold yourself back during this step. No dream is too big. Go with your thoughts.

#2 Draw up Plans. Second, figure out how you’ll get there.

You may question how on earth you’re going to achieve the big audacious goals that you mentally painted in step one. That’s normal. The cool thing is that you hold the answer to the HOW just as you held the answer to the WHAT. You simply need to find it.

Pull out a pen and a notepad and start writing.

List out the big obvious steps first. If your goal is to write a book, then the first obvious step is to determine the topic of your book. If your goal is to quit your job and start your own business, then the first obvious step is to determine the type of business that you’ll own. If your goal is to lose weight and look amazing in a bathing suit, then the first obvious step is to determine the diet and exercise plan that you’ll do.

Write up a plan for yourself using all of the knowledge that you currently have access to. Considering adding people in as resources to help you determine the steps that you aren’t yet clear on.

If you know someone who has written a book, or started a business, or lost the weight and kept it off, then set up a time to speak with them. Which leads us to step #3…