🤔 4 questions for you…

🤔 Why did you join AF originally?

I originally joined AF to lose weight and hopefully learn enough to continue exercising on my own. 

🤔 What was your biggest obstacle?

My biggest obstacle was actually walking through those doors the first couple of times. Once I saw how kind and supportive the coaches and members are, my fears and insecurities lessened tremendously! Now my biggest obstacle is having to leave everyday! 

🤔 What is the biggest change so far?

I have experienced many changes since joining - because of AF I have learned so much about nutrition, fasting, muscles etc that my entire lifestyle has changed. I’ve lost weight, I’m stronger, happier, more confident and I no longer hide inside my comfort zone. 

🤔 What would you tell someone thinking about joining?

I would say I know first hand how scary and intimidating this is. But this is NOT your regular ‘gym’. You will not find a less judgemental community of people. Come for 3 free classes and I promise you that you will feel so much better about yourself when you’re done.

Thanks Hailee- You Rock :)

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