4 Top Tips For Success

Typically this is the time that motivation has hit a bit of a low. People tend to feel for inspired after the summer is over to get into some kind of routine but leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday. It can be a grind.

The truth is it’s almost impossible to stay motivated without clear goals, constant re-evaluation, and special attention to short term details that keep you focused and inspired to reach your desired goal.

Every single person is like this, we are all wired for instant gratification, and often we’re disappointed. You can’t give up now because little do you realize in all likelihood you’ve just set the foundation for major physical change within your body. Think of it like this, if you’ve ever built a new home the anticipation is a killer waiting for them to dig the hole and pour the foundation.

It feels like forever before anything happens. Suddenly when they start building the walls it’s like your house just appears out of thin air, weight loss and physical change can be a lot like this. (But that’s a whole other column.)

Create A Goal-Reward Journal

It’s critical to reverse engineer everything. Work backwards from your goal setting short term targets. These should really be no longer than a week or so apart. Set yourself small, but meaningful rewards for meeting each of these goals.

Get A Workout Buddy or Accountability Partner

Now with short term rewards in place you need a mechanism of accountability. A workout buddy or accountability partner should follow up and keep you on track with the action plan to reaching the goal. It’s not their job to determine whether you reached the short term target, they don’t even need to know. Their sole purpose is to ensure you follow through with the action plan.

Clip Some Pictures

Visualization has been proven to be effective in study after study. Find the picture of the end result and keep it where you will see it regularly. You must remind yourself why you must persevere for change and create new habits.

Think About The 'If I Couldn't' Scenario

Finally, the last quick tip that tends to work incredibly well is to think about the opposite scenario – if you couldn't workout.

So many of us find we are too tired to workout or just don't feel like it but consider the feeling you'd have if you physically couldn't.  When you think about it like that more often than not it's enough to make you realize how much you value at least having the ability to workout and get into that gym for your session.

We often don't realize what we have until it's gone so imagining this scenario may just change your frame of mind.

These four tips can really keep you on track but only if you utilize them and revisit them often, there’s a great quote I’ve been thinking of a lot lately. “We should be taught not to wait for inspiration to start a thing. Action always generates inspiration.” –Frank Tibolt


Yours In Health,


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