4 Questions To Ask Yourself Today....

To get to where you want to go in fitness, and in life you have to have a plan...

That's why you read this BLOG after all, right?

You wanted things like:

*Guidance in your nutrition, exercise, and health endeavors.

*You wanted accountability.

*And you probably wanted to be inspired.

Good news my friend - I *CAN*deliver you results in all those areas of your life!

...But what about the times when you're not around me?

Will you be living a life that is congruent with fat burning success?


Will you be sending yourself deeper into the endless pit of over-indulgence that got you fat in the first place?

Only you know the answer to these -4- questions, so that's why it's mandatory that you take a few moments out of your day to answer them immediately.


4 Big Questions That Will Make or Break Your Fat-Loss Goals


*Question #1: What kind of weight loss results do you want to achieve?

*Question #2: Who are the 5 people that you spend the most time with in your life currently?

*Question #3: Do these people have the same goals/ambitions that you have in terms of your weight loss goals?

*Question #4: If they do have the same passion/goals/ambitions as you do, then how can you incorporate them more into your life?

Take a few minutes to answer these questions and we will talk it over, o.k.?







All done yet?

You are?


Let's go over your results and see where they all stack up!


The Rule of 5 And You


You probably are wondering why I decided to have you answer these 4 questions tonight, right?

The truth is this...

I want you to succeed, and succeed at a monumental level so that you can get to your goal as soon as humanly possible.

Chances are since you took the time to answer these questions you do too, right?


That means that we're both on the same page, and since we got that out of the way let's break down the Rule of 5 and what it means to you.

Studies show that the 5 people you spend the most time with directly influence your thoughts, your values, your actions, your income, your goals, and even your weight loss.

(Note: It's true, birds of a feather *DO* flock together!)

When you put that into perspective, and you look over your answers you have to make a big decision?

Do any of those people share your same values and goals in terms of fat loss?

Are these people in shape, or are they even worse off than you are right now?

If they are out of shape, do they want to make a change?

In reality, are these 5 people positively or negatively affecting your life and your weight loss goals?


I'll Cut To The Chase!


If these 5 people are not helping you get to your goals, and they do not share the same vision as you do, then you need to eliminate them from your life, or minimize your interaction with them.

But what if they are helping you move towards your goals?

- OR-

They are in position to make a big change just like you?

What do you do with these people?

The answer is simple:

*Keep them around.

*Spend more time with them.

*And encourage them while they simultaneously encourage you!


Here's The Bottom Line


Control what you can and cope with the what you can't.

In other words try and associate with and hang out with more like minded friends. Try and spend time with friends, co-workers, family members that are all trying to be healthy, active and fit.

I know its not always easy or always practical but see what you can do. OR better yet bring them to a free session with you to try it out :)

Wanna learn more about our studio and how customized personal training can help you achieve amazing results. Lets Connect

Yours In Health,


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