4 Mistakes People Make When Trying To Get Abs

Is six pack abs topping your goal list these days? Feel like you’re pretty happy with your overall body development except one key area: your ab region?

If so, you’re likely working hard to get the fat off and move one step closer to six pack ab status.

But, are you doing things properly? Some people make some grave mistakes as they go about striving to reach this goal that will entirely take them away from results.

Here are four mistakes that you need to know about to ensure you aren’t committing these crimes.

  • You Fail To Plan Your Diet

As the saying goes, fail to plan is planning to fail. When it comes to your diet, you absolutely need a plan in place. Those who are most organized when it comes to their food intake are those who see the most success.

It really is that simple. Do not neglect to plan or you will be chasing this goal for what seems like forever.

  • You Do Abs First During Your Workout

Next, you also must make sure you are structuring your workout properly. While it may seem smart to start off with ab work since your abs are your top priority, don’t be misled.

If you are doing abs first during the workout, that’s going to mean they aren’t there to provide the support you need during the rest of the session.

Instead, do them last. You’ll already have worked them to some degree doing your compound moves so it’ll take less work overall to fully exhaust them at this point as well.

  • You Fall Off The Bandwagon On Weekends

The next critical error not to make is falling off the wagon during the weekend. So many people make this mistake.

They’re on 100% during the week but as soon as Friday night hits, it’s anybody’s guess how 

well they do on their diet and any workouts they have scheduled.

Striving to get abs is a very intense goal that will take total commitment. This means being on 24/7.

While it’s fine to have planned cheat meals, don’t let every weekend become cheat meal territory.

  • You’re Relying On Fat Burning Supplements

Finally, the last error to make sure you avoid is the fat burner mistake. Some people pick up the latest and greatest fat burner, thinking this will help them get from point A to point B in a hurry.

Remember, these products only work if you also have a good diet and workout in place. Otherwise they’re pretty much for waste.

Don’t rely on them to get you results. Use them to help compliment your already smart diet and workout program.

Are you making any of these errors? If so, it’s time to get some changes in place so they don’t keep you from realizing success.


Brian and The Applied Fitness Team

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