Our Fat Loss Coaches

Brian Meisenburg
Fat Loss Expert
Personal Trainer
  • You have a choice about where and how to spend your time and I promise never to waste it or your money.

  • I won’t be the guy yelling at you to work harder. I believe that showing up proves you are motivated to do better.

  • I believe that together we can achieve incredible things.

  • Working hard and having fun go together well.

  • Our Boutique Studio offers unparalleled level of service, expertise and a sense of community that assures your success. 

That’s my promise to you. I am so confident in my pledge of service that all sessions offer a 100% money back guarantee. I would invite you to schedule a free health and fitness consultation to talk about starting your weight loss journey. 

Nicole Meisenburg
Fat Loss Expert
Personal Trainer
  • Raised in Buffalo Nicole has been involved in the fitness world from a very young age.

  • She decided to completely devote her life to helping others achieve their goals with her infectious smile and her high on life persona.

  •  Through personal training, teaching small group sessions, circuit training classes and group exercise classes she has motivated many to change their lives and bodies in a fun and interactive way.

  • Her creative and inspirational approach always keeps the workouts progressive, fun and effective